Sunday, December 31, 2017


I have decided to use the same fabric on the walls that I had used in my Garfield Dollhouse. It photographs beautifully and is very sturdy. I was considering using wallpaper for this one, but I do not care for the shiny finish I get when I photograph inside the dollhouse.

It was upholstery grade fabric, so comes with a hefty price-tag. I had to plan out how much fabric I would need before I went shopping. According to my calculations, I would need 188" of fabric if the bolt of fabric is 54" wide. I was unable to get one continuous length of fabric, so I bought about a yard extra in case the cut in the middle affected my calculation.

This is the Lavetta Beige
Upholstery Fabric 54" from JoAnn. I was lucky to catch the 50% off sale. Even then, I paid almost $70.

Once I came home, I laid down the wall pieces on the fabric, and my calculations seem fine. If I don't use the extra yard at this time, I might use to for future projects.

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